Jason Grigg – My Bitcoin Academy

Jason Grigg – My Bitcoin Academy
Traders Name & Business Name: Jason Grigg – My Bitcoin Academy
Long Business Description:

Jason Grigg is another Australian that has hoped on the ‘crypto trader’ bandwagon. He has arisen from Michael Sloggett’s Crypto Calls Australia Facebook page.

Jason has from that Facebook page fellowship then gone out and set up My Bitcoin Academy. This academy says it will teach you how to ‘trade crypto’. Well, with no evidence of trading success from the founder who runs it good luck to anyone who buys this course. With the hashtag for the course #winorlearn we can tell you now he is just trying to cover his bases and blame any ‘failure’ on just buying a ‘traders education’.

Jason too likes to post ‘like bait’ posts on Facebook and other motivational posts that are found from google.

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