Michael Sloggett – Auscoin – Crypto Calls Australia

Michael Sloggett – Auscoin – Crypto Calls Australia
Traders Name & Business Name: Michael Sloggett – Auscoin – Crypto Calls Australia
Long Business Description:

This con artist comes all the way from Australia. A nutrition supplement sales assistant that tries his hand at every MLM based business scam that is released. Each time ending in disaster and leaving behind a trail of unhappy followers. The guy tries to play the ‘nice guy’ on his Facebook page but any normal person can see straight through this for what he is. He is worse than a politician that will say anything that will get votes or likes from his followers.

Michael Sloggett was promoting the WorldVentures travel ponzi MLM program heavily, not long ago. He then saw the massive boom in crypto and decided it would be an easy path to scamming others due to the lack of regulation and the lack of sophistication of the investors at the time. Mum and dad investors were even buying crypto’s as a dream of getting rick quick.

Michael decided that the way to wealth was to acquire a few bitcoin vending machines and bank from transaction fees on the machines. Like in the gold rush when the wealthy were the ones selling the shovels not the ones mining the gold. He set about creating a coin called Auscoin. The coin had no purpose other than to raise money from the uneducated heard to purchase a few machines so Sloggett had to put up zero investment himself. He also started a Facebook page called Crypto Calls Australia to get a follow base in order to milk for investor funds.

The guy has zero evidence of being able to trade anything other than scams. If you are following him you have been warned to be careful.

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