What Motivates People To Succeed in Trading/Investing?

What Motivates People To Succeed in Trading/Investing?

People choose to trading or invest for many reasons. We asked some people why they are doing it. The answers might surprise you.

Being able to work anywhere with an internet connection and not having to sit in an office 9 to 5.

I dream of a day that I can wake up when I want.


Ultimately financial freedom. I also love the overall concept of investing/trading and putting the research in seeing the results of my work. And one thing I really have to give mention to is the motivated people in this game that push to succeed. It’s all connected.

Retire my mother, give a better life to her and my future children and of course have a nice car, travel, and make some donations.

Financial freedom means having quality time with family members and friends.

Forever change the course of my line by creating generational wealth so that our family can create our own version of self sustaining utopia The freedom to do what you are passionate about without worrying how many $ bring in Protecting the legacy is impossible from the grave.

est place to apply “Human behavior” (which Munger says cognitive biases) and self check if any harmful human behavior is in action Helps in continuous self growth.

Maintaining access to food and hot showers.