Cameron Fous – Fous4trading

Cameron Fous – Fous4trading
Traders Name & Business Name: Cameron Fous – Fous4trading
Long Business Description:

Cameron is a professional marketer. You only have to look at his Twitter @ cameronfous  and his Instagram @ cameron.fous
to be able to tell this.

His sales line —->>    13 Year Veteran Day Trader Turned Mentor/Teacher. 📈 🚀 Learn How I Made $70k In 1 Month As A College Dropout

It is easy to make $70k in a month, but try and keep it. Did he keep it?

Another sales pitch he has on his website is —>>   Are you stuck at a desk job that you hate? Think about if you could work from anywhere in the world!

Any real trader knows that they would rather be at home and in front of the screens and especially for day trading you often need to be watching 10 hours a day. Not be on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails while trying to look at your computer screen that you can’t see because of the glare.

Cameron’s trading setup can be found here.

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