Adrian Reid – Enlightened Stock Trading

Adrian Reid – Enlightened Stock Trading
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Adrian Reid is a full-time private trader and also the Founder and Trading Coach at Enlightened Stock Trading. Adrian is another real trader with a genuine interest in helping other traders succeed by teaching others how to trade systematically.

Adrian is a 100% systematic stock trader who trades stocks across International Stock Markets (Australia, Hong Kong and US Markets) and Cryptocurrency Markets. He trades using daily and weekly timeframes and a portfolio of trading systems encompassing mean reversion, trend following and short side momentum strategies across these markets.

The Enlightened Stock Trading Community of traders is growing rapidly with several hundred graduates of his flagship course ‘The Trader Success System’. In the Trader Success System students learn:
• How and why trading systems work
• How to set up Adrian’s preferred trading software (Amibroker) and data feeds
• Rules for 18+ different trading systems
• How to backtest trading systems and build confidence in those systems
• The coding tools to test and implement your own ideas

You can learn more about The Trader Success System here:

Acknowledging that systematic trading can be overwhelming to many new traders, Adrian has also developed a systematic stock trading course for beginners called System Trader Launchpad. In this online course traders learn all the basics of how and why markets move, how trading systems capture those moves, two complete trading systems and how to set up their trading software and data.

You can learn more about System Trader Launchpad here:

In early 2021, Enlightened Stock Trading launched a brand new course called The Crypto Success System. This crypto specific course shows traders how to systematically trade crypto markets to avoid the emotion and hype by just following the system rules. The course was developed in conjunction with Adam Felsman who is a stock / crypto trader and trading coach that works with Enlightened Stock Trading.

In The Crypto Success System traders learn step by step exactly how to get started trading crypto quickly and safely. They teach how crypto markets move and why this is different than traditional markets, along with how to take advantage of these crypto specific traits.

They teach 4+ crypto specific trading systems which work on how the crypto markets move. You will also learn which crypto platforms are best, where to get your data and how to manage your daily trading process.

You can learn more about The Crypto Success System here:

Enlightened Stock Trading puts a lot of effort into trader support and has private Facebook groups supporting each of their courses which are moderated by Adrian and other trading coaches to ensure students get their questions answered. There are also mentoring groups for extra support and a System Builder’s Club for advanced traders building their own trading systems.

The approach you learn in all of Adrian’s courses will take you just 20-30 minutes a day to implement, so you can trade with his methods even if you have a day job.

Enlightened Stock Trading has a lot of happy students and Adrian is regularly featured in Your Trading Edge magazine and has appeared in the Better System Trader podcast, Talking Trading and several Online Trading Summits.

Website: Click here to get Adrian’s FREE Trader Acceleration Bundle - Tools, courses and cheat sheets to put you on the path to trading success.

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10 thoughts on “Adrian Reid – Enlightened Stock Trading”

  1. I’ve taken Adrian’a course and it has been amazing. He is so patient and helpful. I’m a total beginner and as a woman, felt a bit intimidated at first but he has been such an amazing mentor. Highly recommended!

  2. Adrian is great! He provides one of the best trading courses on the market, with a great and supporting Facebook community. I got tired of vague magic strategies that are hard to backtest manually after trying for a few years. I enrolled to his course earlier this year and it was the best choice I could make. I love systematic trading as it gives the confidence of tens of years of backtesting and removes my emotions of the process. Highly recommend!

  3. I started with the Trader Success System and also attended the Launchpad System course, which was live and more interactive. From the outset, I found Adrian to be extremely approachable both in the forums but more-so in a one on one capacity, answering those questions you always feel are too silly to ask, but ask them anyway… and they are always answered in depth. I highly recommend these courses.

  4. I have gone from literally not knowing that there was more than one stock exchange in the world to being a successful Trader in under 12mths thanks to Adrian and the Enlightened Stock Trading team!
    I started with the Launchpad program feeling very out of my depth, but the course material and amazing support from Adrian and the team, got me through with flying colours and I haven’t looked back.
    Adrian is passionate about seeing all his students become profitable traders, and gives so much support and encouragement, you can’t help but catch the trading bug…… Seeing results so quickly also gave me the confidence and drive to sign up for the intermediate course straight after Launchpad, and I followed on with the advanced course; it’s been a very profitable journey so far!
    I have also just completed the his latest Crypto Success Program and am having a ball with trading the vastly different Market, not to mention seeing some good returns there too.
    I highly recommend Adrian and his EST programs, no matter what level you’re at with trading…… as Adrian always says “You are only one trading system away”!

  5. I have been a student of EST for a year and a half now and have undertaken 4 courses – Trader System Launchpad, Trader Success System, Trading System Builder and Crypto Success Course. I have found these courses to be super supportive and easy to follow for my beginner abilities. My skills and knowledge in trading advanced very quickly and I found myself confident enough to invest my own money in systems that I personally built or optimised. I can’t wait to see where my trading will be in a few years time.

  6. Just started my journey into system trading and I’m so glad I found Adrian. Not only is he super knowledgable, he is an excellent teacher. Everything is simple and practical.

    In a very short amount of time I have gained the confidence to start using systems to trade and and working on creating and backtesting my own systems that suit my trading profile.

    Well worth every dollar spent.

  7. I have taken both the Trader Success System and very recently the Crypto Success System. Both are very well laid out and extremely thorough courses that have taken me from ‘Some day I will trade’ to actively trading the stock and Crypto markets! Not only did they give me the tools and the confidence that I needed to be able to overcome my fears and doubts about trading, but the ongoing support through the private Facebook group has been an invaluable help 🙂 I have been very happy with these courses and would highly recommend them!!

  8. In 2015 I completed Adrian’s systematic trading course and since then have also had personal mentoring and completed his crypto course. I have found Adrian to be the most genuine and honest educator in this space and someone who will take you from wherever you are in your trading journey to where you would like to be.

  9. Both my husband and I are students of Adrian and we really loved completing his courses. We’ve completed both the Trader Success System and the Crypto Success System and found them very well constructed and easy to follow for us as absolute beginners to trading. We are now trading in the stock and crypto markets which only earlier this year I would’ve thought impossible! Adrian is an excellent teacher and you can tell he has a passion for trading as well as imparting his knowledge to others. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

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