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This Slovenian model expects us to think she is a day trader? Come on people!!! You can't be that dumb and fall for marketing without any evidence Anya actually trades successfully. Well it seems many are dumb AF and are falling head over heals for her stunning looks and baiting question style posts and signing up to her daytrading stocks chatroom. Anyone that puts a note in their social media bio saying FREE TRIAL should have you getting alarm bells going off. Especially when they put their email too with Anya's being

Anya's marketing ability... well most likely the person behind her "brand" is second to none though. She has built huge followings on social media.
Her Instagram is @ anyatrades

And her Twitter is @ anyatrades

Her Twitter is the real target approach to lots of schmucks looking to learn to trade whereas her Instagram is just used as bait to bring the fish in. Her Instagram looks like a victoria secrets model's page with constant bikini beach photos of her. Her Twitter she posts lots of baited engagement style posts together with some "biggest daily movers" in the market posts. This is to try and make newbs think that she is actually trading these and making lots of money.

She will occasionally drop the bikini style posts as bait into her Twitter too but she tries to keep a lot of the posts "market movers" trading posts to appear in the game. Any real daytrade knows that the only tan they get is a screen tan and they spend way too many hours in front of computer screens. Anya is obviously not a trader for this reason alone. But one hell of a good marketer :)

We estimate Anya's net worth at $760,000 as she has been getting countless sign up affiliate payouts with this very tricky marketing method.

If you are still questioning if you are getting played or not then just have a look at these photo's Anya has shared. On different trading days. Can you spot the issue?

anyatrades fake scam exposed

And below is a YouTube video of Anya explaining the difference between market and limit orders.

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  1. I cannot agree more, these people exploit retail traders and naive people for a profit… for example, what does a picture of her in a thong have to do with a stock? The answer is nothing but it gets people looking which also makes them see the symbol and so on.

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