Chase Galbraith

Chase Galbraith
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A great new trader to follow is Chase. He has some fantastic mentors around him and is developing very well as a full time day trader. With a win rate of around 80% this is exceptionally high for any trader. And his profit to loss ratio of 4.64 is what a lot of new traders will only ever dream of.

Here you can watch him being interviewed by veteran day trader Alan McGrath.

Chase talks about overcoming the fear of having the lack of conviction in believing his edge is actually an edge and not just pot luck. He discusses overcoming overtrading where he would take every trade that came his way and not looking for his playbook "A" class setups.

Here is Chase talking on Damon Fabri's Chat With Degens podcast ep 15.

You can follow Chase on Twitter @ _chasegalbraith

Chase uses the following trading software:
Iguana spark

FP markets

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