Elijah Oyefeso – DCT Trading

Elijah Oyefeso – DCT Trading
Long Business Description

Elijah's Instagram @ oyefesoelijah might be a tell tale sign that he is a scammer given his bio reads "You Don’t Get To 4.4 Million Dollars Without Making Few Enemies." You have to ask how did he get to 4.4 million? Is it USD or Zimbabwe dollars? Did he scam people that much?

Elijah grew up in a South London housing estate. He began marketing to his social media how much money he was making as a stock market whiz kid. He claimed he earned $30k on a bad month and this helped his news story to go viral!! (Yes, news producers will post anything even if they aren't true).

Reports are that Elijah promoted InteractiveOptions which is a binary options provider. For all of you who don't know what binary options are well, let's just say 100% of them are scams and you should be smart enough to stay away from them. They are run from very shady parts of the world (Israel & Cyprus) where once you deposit your money it is very easy for them to take it and you to never see it again. However, if you are a marketer like Elijah Oyefeso is then all you need to do is post a few pictures on social media while standing next to a exotic car on the streets, then say it's your car. Then followers follow you and will be wondering how you got rich. Then you just send them to your affiliate link for binary options, then you get paid and can use those monies to appear more wealthy in turn increasing your status reach.

A few years ago Elijah was using Instagram pages like DCT Sweden to try and orchestrate that he had set up a branch for trading in Sweden. The Instagram page read at the time, "Would you like to earn a 2nd income? Join my trading team today & make daily profits. No experience needed. DM me now if interested". And below that was his website link to a domain that redirected to his binary options affiliate link. This was an attempt to legitimize what he was doing and to try and make out his trading business what real.

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