Gurvin Singh – GS3 Trades

Gurvin Singh – GS3 Trades
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Gurvin Singh – GS3 Trades
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In 2019 many publications were happy to run the story of Gurvin Singh, a student what turned 200 pound into 100,000 pound trading forex while studying to be a doctor. He said he started out by searching online for “money making ideas” and decided to try his luck with FX trading. Then within a year he made so much money he could by 70,000 pound of designer clothes and luxury cars.

Gavin said he signed up to a six-month online trading course in January 2018 to learn how to trade FX. Gavin says “once you know what to do trading FX isn’t that hard”. He hoped to save up enough to finish his medial degree and become a doctor.

Fast forward one year and in 2020 that dream of becoming a doctor is out the window now.. Old Gurvin has been charged with scamming hundreds of victims out of 4,000,000 pound.

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