Irek Piekarski – Live Trader IP

Irek Piekarski – Live Trader IP
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Meet Irek Piekarski. He started trading in 2012 and within two years he quit his 9-5 job to focus solely on growing his capital. That is hard to do with trading, but a lot easier when you work for Infinite Prosperity running their Live Trader IP course and webinars.

For three years he ran this course... How much can you teach others when you have only been trading for two short years yourself? But people flocked to the course in droves. Mostly from Lewis Mocker's and Amy Sangster's marketing abilities though. And the people signing up weren't exactly sophisticated investors. Those people are now Robinhood app traders since the pandemic.

After seeing that the real money is owning a course and not just working for someone helping run the course Irek decided to create his own "Trading MasterClass".

Irek has recently come under fire from his followers for being reckt in that Irek believes that if people have cancer they deserve it as they must have done something bad in their lives and it's karma. Makes perfect sense doesn't it? Gook luck keeping your followers now Irek.

Irek's Instagram reads:

Trader/Investor inspiring others to reach their limitless potential.
Plant-based living ­čî▒
My Trading MasterClass­čĹç

And then has a link to his course.

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