Jason Bond – Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond – Jason Bond Picks
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Don't let that nice guy face and smile fool you, Jason Bond of Jason Bond Picks is a great marketer and will take your money fast. Jason Bond says that he is a former gym teacher who taught himself to trade stocks and rid himself of $250,000 in debt. Sure, maybe he did but most likely he didn't rid himself of the debt by trading profits!!! Ah, see what we did there? Always read between the lines.

His operation is similar to what Jordan Belfort would have you doing back in the 80's.

If you buy a stock then tell your 1,000's of subscribers to then buy the stock and then you sell the stock once you have their buying momentum, you can't lose.. That's if your name is Bond... Jason Bond.

He also has an affiliate program that pays affiliate marketers 50% of your sign up fees. With this kind of incentive for marketers to advertise his program you are going to have a lot of FAKE reviews online about how good the program is and how people made so much money in about 10 minutes a day just following his picks. Do not fall for this shit..  You are better than that.

You can follow him on Twitter to watch how the fairy tale sale unfolds @ JasonBondPicks

The fairy tale has had a recent turn into a nightmare for Jason. You see Jason was working with RagingBull which is a stock market coaching company. But according to FTC this is nothing more than a front to dupe investors. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued RagingBull.com LLC and the company's co-founders, Jeffrey Bishop and Jason Bond, in Maryland on Tuesday. Government lawyers sought federal court orders to freeze company assets, halt the alleged fraud scheme and award relief to consumers, including refunds and restitution. The government accuses the company of bilking (means to obtain or withhold money from someone unfairly or by deceit; cheat or defraud.) $137 million from customers over a three-year period.

Kyle Dennis, of Kingsport, Tennessee, has also been named as a defendant in the FTC's suit, which describes him as a trading instructor for RagingBull.

The FTC says Raging Bull and its instructors, which RagingBull calls “gurus,” have repeatedly advertised claims that they could make consistent profits from the stock market during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, marketing emails in April claimed Dennis "was able to rack up nearly $500K in profits by trading stocks related to the COVID-19 pandemic" and had found a "hidden bull market.”

We alluded to the above Jordan Belfort style a long time ago and it seems the RagingBull team listened so instead of changing up their ways they doubled down and employed the man himself Jordan Belfort to promote their services. Cause the name "Jordan Belfort" is just a great name to be using with anything to do with securities trading or investing. Or as a matter of fact even a name you want to associate with full stop with any business.

Here is Coffeezilla explaining what has happened to the RagingBull group.


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