Lee Davis – Forex Help Trading

Lee Davis – Forex Help Trading
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That's right Lee Davis actually had someone take a photo of him "FX trading" while driving his car. Lee is a 25 year old that says he became a successful trader in under a year. Sure you did. Most traders take many years and none of them call themselves successful even when they are consistently profitable. What Lee does is sell signups and gets commissions.

He promotes the IML scam and "copy trades scam" where people are dumb enough to think that if they pay someone for "signals" all they have to do is follow those trades and make bank. Any real trader knows that it just doesn't work like that but it seems there are so many dumb people ready to pay Lee for signals that he can make a lot of money from doing his craft.

Lee is the "director" of Forex Help Trading. What is that? A lead gen website that sells a forex course for 396 pounds. The site also has an affiliate program which people can get paid to have their friends and family sign up and do the Forex Help Trading course. They also sell a "signals" service for 75 pound a month. Wonder if they have any positive reviews on that one?

Lee shows screen shots from a "trading account" on his Instagram @ leedavisfx These screen shots are typical of the IML scammer, many are from demo accounts or they are just from one person's trading account and they are shared amungst marketers trying to get "sign ups".

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