Matt Quinlivan

Matt Quinlivan
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Matt Quinlivan the 20-year-old options trader from Massachusetts who has made a name for himself as a Day Trader, Content Creator, and owner of YoungRichMuscle. Born November 21, 2002 in Worcester Massachusetts. Matt’s first business was at the age of 12, where he had his own landscaping company. This age old business model created a lifelong passion of entrepreneurship for Matt, and little did he know this is where his journey would start. Although Matt takes most credit for his unique mindset, he credits a bit of his entrepreneur genes to his dad who owns a small business 40 minutes from his home town.

Flashing a few years ahead Matt would find himself working several 9-5 jobs to acquire the capital necessary to fund his first day trading account. From landscaping, to bussing, all the way to snow grooming, Matt definitely had a drive to get to the point he felt necessary to start his anticipated journey as a stock options trader. Realizing that college was simply not for him, Matt decided to take the big risk and start to trade where within 2 years of hard work, discipline, consistency, and patience Matt would find himself among one of the top traders at his age.

Around the same time of Matt’s success in trading, did he start his first official business named YoungRichMuscle. A high quality fitness and lifestyle apparel brand set to have its first clothing launch spring of 2023. Matt adds “I have always wanted a personal brand, and one small decision after another just led the brand to what it is now”. Planning to emerge YoungRichMuscle into a large span of “influencer friendly” gyms cross country, Matt says the first location is set to be in his hometown Holden Massachusetts. Feeling that Holden is not a influencer and entrepreneur centered town, Matt wants to bring what he words “a piece of Miami” to Holden. Referencing the modern, rich, one percent lifestyle that Miami has.

Despite his successes thus far, Matt remains humble knowing there is still work to be done. Matts ultimate goal being to change lives and inspire the youth as he mentions in his new podcast “The YRM Podcast” where he and his business partner and long time friend talk money, motivation, fitness, and mindset. Matt’s final message was “Take action and never look back, if I can do it, literally anyone can.”

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