Nour Atta – Nourtrades

Nour Atta – Nourtrades
Long Business Description

Nour is a great marketer and he sees value in paying $4,000 to be on the show LAHWF. The LAHWF show on youtube has millions of followers so that is a fantastic "investment" for him.

His trading though!!!!.... Provide us with your reviews below.

His Instagram @ nourtrades is full of high quality images of exotics cars, holiday destinations, nice looking pools and he uses giveaways to help build his social media. Does he even give the money away to a real winner?

He doesn't market his business directly from his instagram page but instead uses @stockhours to promote his "business". It's clear his "business" is signing up newbs and getting huge commissions from doing so. The stockhours links to a googledocs landing page. This page asks for information like your "instagram handle", if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trader, if you have ever traded stock options before and "would you be able to fund your trading account with at least $1,000"?

It's obvious this is done to just chose the beginner trades and it seems that what he is marketing requires deposits of $1,000 for Nour to get his highest level of commission. We have no idea why he would ask for someone's Instagram handle?

Famous YouTubers Graham Stephan has reviewed one of Nour's videos too.

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