Peter Brandt – The Factor Report

Peter Brandt – The Factor Report
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Peter is a trader who has been using classical charting principles since 1980. Do these work? Well, 40% p.a. for 40 years fully audited says they do. And he hasn't had a draw down of greater than 10% in those 40 years. Well except for 2013 where he had an 18% draw down. Still not too bad given the large time frame. Obviously a lot of risk management in place with his trades too. We know what you are thinking!!!! with that kind of return over that time why isn't he a billionaire? Well he also took out "living expenses" from his trading account on an ongoing basis. Everyone has to eat and have a roof over their head right!!!

Peter is the author of a number one selling trading book on Amazon called Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader.

He now runs a subscription service called Factor Report. This focus's on four areas paramount to trading success in his opinion being classical charting, risk management, the "process of trading" and management human emotions. Peter provides in his service real time interesting chart alerts, webinars, a knowledge centre, market commentaries and much more.

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