Samir Tahi – Fx Lifestyle

Samir Tahi – Fx Lifestyle
Long Business Description

All the paid promotion about Samir online refers to how much he earns but doesn't actually say he earned the money from FX trading. That is sneaky and that's because he would be making a fortune scamming people into buying his FX course. These course sales proceeds would then be used to make it look like his lifestyle is great and for you to think it's from FX trading.

We are not going to call FX Lifestyle a scam but Graham Stephan will and did. If you do just one thing before signing up to FX Lifestyle please just watch the below video. If you think it's still a good idea to join after that please close down out website and never come to us again.

You can follow Samir on Instagram @fxlifestyleforex . We wouldn't ... but you can. Although even by following these scammers it helps make them look legit to others due to them having large follow numbers.

How long till Samir is busted? Post your best guess below in the comments.

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