How Scott Pape The BareFoot Investor Got Rich

How Scott Pape The BareFoot Investor Got Rich

Just like many of the furu’s listed on Share Trading Guru Scott Pape also got rich by telling people how to get rich. That’s right!!!! It wasn’t by using buckets or barefoot budgets.

Scott Pape used to be a financial planner before he turned his back on the industry to sell a book hating on the industry. Why? We will let you speculate below in the comments.

What Is The Barefoot Investor’s Net Worth?

With a net worth of approximately $4.32 million The Barefoot Investor sure can afford to buy some shoes now. Maybe even a few pairs from Louis Vuitton.

So think twice once you have read the book and then think you need to buy the blueprint, the audio book, the buckets and the live appearance fees. Think twice before you join ING and put stickers on each of their orange debit cards saying daily, splurge, fire extinguisher and smile.

What Is The Barefoot Investors Investment Philosophy?

The barefoot investor tells you to invest in index funds by dollar cost averaging. He then sets up a blueprint service to sell you stock tips… Why? Because there is a lot more money in selling tips then having you just DCA into index funds. Once you release a book and it sells a few copies then you run out of things to sell. So you look for more ways to monetize your “brand”.

Stepmates TV have covered the typical review of The Barefoot Investor perfectly with the video above.

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  1. Hi s net worth would have to be a lot more than $4.32 M in my estimate. Consider – He had in the region of ~6000 subscribers for his barefoot blueprint

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