How To Become A Fake Guru

How To Become A Fake Guru

You have all seen them on various social media platforms like Instagram. The fake guru is alive and the money is flowing to them. Have you ever wondered how easy it is to become a fake guru? Well we run you through how quick and easy it is.

Create A Stage Name For Yourself

Your name Tom Jones doesn’t really sound that exciting so a name like Sam Satoshi is something that will help target the crypto space and help you convert your audience.

Next You Need To Create Some Content

Normally fake guru’s will rent out AirBnb’s and pretend it’s their home. Even better if you have a rich friend who you can visit and just film in their house. You will need to take lots of pictures and video clips in this house while you have access to it. You will also need to be constantly changing outfits to make it seem like each post is a different day and that you actually own the place.

You will also need some sick rides to “flex” with. You can do this at a car dealership or car show but most fake guru’s just rent a car like a Lambo or McLaren for an hour or so, change their clothing heaps and make as much content as they can.

The content should include captions like “take a risk or lose the chance”. Also you can use a site like Cameo to get some famous people to give you shoutouts to make yourself seem even more legit. Have them speak about you and also the product you are trying to promote too even.

Make sure you also order some fake cash off a site like Amazon. Be sure to pose in the photos with your “stacks”.

Take photo’s in front of some random homes, boats and/or cars and say that you have been spending up or investing on these things.

Buy Instagram Followers

Everyone knows that the more followers you have the more legit you are on social media. So be sure to google “buy Instagram followers” and make a purchase. At least 20k is the sweet spot so don’t go overboard with 1m followers for example. Once you have done this you can also purchase likes on your pictures and views on any videos. Make sure you also purchase some comments too so you appear even more legit and increase your social proof.

There you have it, you are all ready to start scamming and being a fake guru.

p.s. do not become a fake guru. Use your time wisely and actually do something to help the world.

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