Adam Felsman – Enlightened Stock (& Crypto) Trading

Adam Felsman – Enlightened Stock (& Crypto) Trading
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Adam Felsman is a professional systematic trader, coach and mentor with Enlightened Stock Trading (EST) and co-creator of the Crypto Success System, which provides a safer and systematic approach for trading the Cryptocurrency markets.

Adam’s journey to trading success started like many others:
• Buying into ‘market hype’ - the 2017 boom in Lithium stocks
• Reading all the chart pattern and technical analysis books possible
• Getting caught by signals groups, overnight ‘YouTube’ experts and ‘chart artists’ (the guys that draw so many lines on a chart that they can’t possibly be wrong!)

Early in 2018 Adam took what knowledge he had gained and commenced trading cryptocurrencies due to the low fees and high profit potential. Of course, initially with very limited success. Due to the limited success, Adam realized he needed help and guidance to succeed with his trading. Adam was initially drawn to a professional ‘educator’ (not a professional ‘trader’ who mentors traders) and undertook a trend following trading course. This initial education started him down the right path, providing structure, a trading plan and using strategies that were check-list based in an attempt to remove the subjective elements of trading.

Empowered by his improving results, Adam discovered his passion for trading psychology and helping other traders succeed. The results he was achieving, steadily improved and combined with his enthusiasm for both helping others and trading psychology, he started mentoring other students, both in a one-on-one setting and in group mentoring sessions. His mentoring style is open and honest, sharing freely about his journey as a trader, providing his results, mistakes and lessons learned as videos within the educational group community.

Successful trading is a continuous learning journey. Adam views trading as a non-stop process of development, mainly because……the market will always humble you !

Still working full time, having a busy family life, mentoring and trying to trade a 24/7 crypto market as well as the ASX, Adam found his trading lifestyle and approach to be unsustainable:
• The strategies didn’t have adequate exposure to the market at the right times (bull market coming out of the March 2020 crash);
• They required almost 24/7 attention to the charts, trying to find the ‘needle in a haystack’;
• Strategies worked extremely well in hindsight on the charts, but trades were difficult to find in real time, resulting in heightened stress and low opportunity for profit;
These challenges lead to an inability to follow with discipline.

Adam realized then there were yet more steps required in his trading journey. Being able to identify your weaknesses and being able to mitigate them is one of the most critical stages as a developing trader (and person) and he took that initiative to determine his next steps.
This new approach commenced with trying to code his previous strategies in simple alert-based systems such as ProRealTime, as well as researching many of the long-term successful traders. He started talking to experienced software developers and researching ‘systematic trading’ and trading software programs.

A real ‘light-bulb moment’ for him was reading The Way of the Turtle, by Curtis Faith, and while Curtis didn’t end up in a good place in his life, he certainly wrote one of the best trading books available.

After researching independent professionals who use Amibroker, he undertook the full Trader Certification Program with Adrian Reid of Enlighted Stock Trading, which included the Trader Success System and private one-on-one mentoring with Adrian. Systematic trading was the real game-changer and perfectly complemented everything Adam already knew, but was lacking with discretionary trading.

After working together for some time Adrian, with 18+ years of successful systematic stock trading experience, coupled with Adam’s extensive cryptocurrency market knowledge, they developed, extensively back tested and verified a portfolio of cryptocurrency trading systems, and developed the Crypto Success System to show other traders the path to consistent profits through systematic cryptocurrency trading.

Together they teach 4+ crypto specific trading systems developed specifically to profit from the nuances of the crypto markets. Students of The Crypto Success System also learn which crypto platforms are best, where to get data and how to manage daily trading processes for maximum consistency… following the exact same process and systems that Adam and Adrian use to trade the crypto markets.

Having quite the arduous journey to achieve trading success, Adam is well placed to provide great value to those undertaking the same journey and also help mitigate the same pitfalls he encountered thus become a successful systematic trader.

Learn more about The Crypto Success System here:

Adam is a contributor and moderator of the Enlightened Stock Trading student groups and has also written the following articles for Enlightened Stock Trading:
The Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin – Everything you need to know about Bitcoin (And nothing you don’t)

The Stock Market Crash of 1987 – Why did it happen and what can we learn from it?

Business Website Address:
Twitter: @trends_trader

Business Website Address
  • Adam Felsman – Enlightened Stock (& Crypto) Trading

4 thoughts on “Adam Felsman – Enlightened Stock (& Crypto) Trading”

  1. Adam has been an amazing (and very experienced) mentor and guide through my introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies. The A Team (Adam & Adrian), have developed a course that made systematic crypto trading easy to grasp for those of us still in the beginner stages.
    I really appreciate everything Adam has done for my trading journey – Always there every step of the way!

  2. Learning from Adam has been amazing, he has guided me through the crypto trading minefield and as a complete novice this has been so valuable. Having an expert by your side as you navigate has exponentially helped me grow into a much more confident trader.

  3. Adam has been a great source of knowledge for crypto trading and has provided an excellent step by step guide for systematically trading the crypto market. He’s genuine and extremely customer focused.

  4. Adam has been instrumental in my own personal journey into the world of systematic Crypto trading. He has personally coached me for a couple months, and after those lessons I really feel confident in my day to day trading. He really ‘gets’ crypto, and is great at teaching it to others. I highly recommend him!

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