Bryce Edwards – Ayers Cap

Bryce Edwards – Ayers Cap
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Bryce is another one of the very genuine traders from Australia. He was also instrumental in getting Nick Fabrio to where he is today as one of the best traders in Australia. Bryce's equity curve is somewhat amazing. You can see it below as taken from his website

P&L - WOW!!!!

You will see that when Bryce is profitable he is very profitable and when he has loss months they are kept in check and are very tiny.

Bryce is an independant prop trader that focuses on ASX equities and has been trading full time since 2013. He manages a couple of portfolio's. One is for intraday trading (goes home flat at the end of each day) and the other is for longer term plays (large trends). You will see both of these charted in his cumulative p&l above.

You can follow Bryce on twitter @ BryceEdw but he is fairly quiet on his trading. He is a lovely person and very approachable so feel free to ask him anything you want to know to help your trading journey along.

The Chat with Traders podcast was lucky enough to have an interview with Bryce and you can watch that below. You will learn that Bryce uses very similar trading platforms as Nick Fabrio including FP Markets and Iguana Spark. It also gives a few clues into how he selects his 'stocks in play' to trade on any given day. These include company news, underlying commodity movements and broker upgrades/downgrades.

Another great interview Bryce did was this one below where he was interviewed in public by Aaron Fifield from Chat with Traders. It was alongside Mike Bellafiore from SMB Capital and Austin Mitchum.

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  • Bryce Edwards – Ayers Cap
  • Bryce Edwards – Ayers Cap

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