Benny Lane – Infinite Prosperity

Benny Lane – Infinite Prosperity
Long Business Description

Benny Lane is one of the 'success stories' of the Infinite Prosperity (IP) trading program. Or that is what they want you to believe.

Benny apparently quit his job in just 159 days. Yes, maybe.... anyone can quit their job but does he earn an income from trading? IP have lead you to believe this was from trading and following their course. He may have quit his job to become a full time trader, but it does not say he is a full time trader. And it definitely does not show evidence of results.

A simple look at his picture is all it takes to know that he is a marketer and not a trader and is on the IP payroll.

If you are looking to follow some good Aussie traders then have a look at Nick Fabrio and Bryce Edwards.

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