Craig Cobb – TraderCobb

Craig Cobb – TraderCobb
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Craig seems to have some prior trading experience, unlike most of the money grab scammers that entered the crypto trading market in late 2017.

Craig saw the money that can be made with education over doing and set up TraderCobb. Unfortunately for him crypto trading and crypto in general has been in a strong bear market since he started the business and many punters in the market have been burnt from buying and holding from late 2017. Otherwise known as HODL'ing in the crypto world.

On the TraderCobb website there are some free resources but they also sell course from $200 to $5,000.

The main issue we can see with this, and most 'trading educators' is that they never show results.

Does Craig Cobb have fully audited results on his website homepage? NO!!! If he did then this would greatly increase our trust of his offerings.

If you are looking to follow some good Aussie traders then have a look at Nick Fabrio and Bryce Edwards.

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One thought on “Craig Cobb – TraderCobb”

  1. I paid to be in his community for over 12month, what a waste, the guy almost never trades, quoting:
    – he’s been trading for 13+yrs and now his passion is helping others.
    – he’s always got an excuse for missing trades/moves, always sick, in meetings and not surprisingly away on holidays all the time.
    – he’s rules for trading create a ‘needle in a hay stack’ scenario, ie. trades are so in frequent, but are easy to identify in “hindsight”.
    – he’s made his money from holding education payments in BTC in the last bull run, not trading itself.
    – avoid !

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