Lewis Mocker – Infinite Prosperity

Lewis Mocker – Infinite Prosperity
Traders Name & Business Name: Lewis Mocker – Infinite Prosperity
Long Business Description:

What’s the saying?

“Those who can’t do, teach”

Lewis is a great marketer but until he shows trading results (which he has said that he can’t legally do) then he will never be a trader.

This hasn’t stopped him selling a trading course on how to trade FX and creating some huge followings online. The ownership of some nice cars has also helped grow these followings. From M3 BMW’s, to an SRT Jeep and now a Lamborghini Huracan. Lewis came onto the trading scene about 2012 with the release of his Infinite Prosperity trading course that was linked to by Amy Sangster. Amy and Lewis went to school together and ended up becoming business partners in creating the course.

Most can make a course but then marketing it can be where many fall down. Well, Amy with the help of a famous Robert Hilmer devised a plan to promote the course. They would borrow one of his fathers cars from the dealership his father owned and create a video titled “22 year old girl buys a lamborghini gallardo”. This video was then released onto Youtube and  with a bit of paid traffic to the video it was able to go viral. Let’s face it every 22 year old would love to own a Lamborghini or even to be able to afford a 20 year old dump a car. The video now has in excess of 10 million views. And best of all for Lewis and Amy, all that was in the videos description was a link to the Infinite Prosperity website. All this traffic falling into their laps ready to purchase a course for around $500. This is how they fund their lifestyles. Here is the video so you can watch for yourself.

Even though Lewis’s trading ability may be questionable he has become a great teacher of life empowerment. I know that sounds dodgy but if you watch his Instagram stories and have a look at his Youtube channel showcasing many of these stories you will learn a lot.

You can follow Lewis at:

Instagram: lewismocker

Facebook: LewisMockerIP

Twitter: LewisMocker

You should have a look at his ‘master mind’ course. It is rather well presented and you will learn a lot.

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