Nick Radge – The Chartist

Nick Radge – The Chartist
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Nick is another real and genuine trader. He posts his systems and results.

Over the years he has moved more systematic and does very little if any discretionary trading currently. His results aren't, get rich overnight, but he doesn't teach you how to sit in front of a computer 10 hours a day and daytrade for huge percentage returns. You won't get a screen tan from Nick's trading systems.

Nick is predominately a trend following trader, however he does run a few mean reversion style systems. He trades in Australia and the US.

Over the last few years Nick appears to be transitioning to retirement and creating a succession plan by employing a team to help run his business, The Chartist.

Nick uses and recommends Amibroker for trading software. The software is powerful and is great for running coded systems. Nick sells a few turnkey trading systems to be used with Amibroker.

Nick has published a few books that will teach you a lot about trading and are worth buying. Here are the links to Amazon for you to have a read of each of them. Some of which are free to read.

1.  Unholy grails - a new road to wealth

2. Weekend trend trader

3. Adaptive analysis for stocks

4. Profiting from dividend momentum

5. Every-day traders Australia - Australians who successfully trade for a living

6. Successful stock trading - a guide to profitability

7. Adaptive analysis for Australian stocks - creating opportunity from price action

You can follow Nick at:

Facebook: thechartist
Twitter: thechartist

If you are looking to follow some more good Aussie traders then have a look at Nick Fabrio and Bryce Edwards.

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