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Do professional hip-hop artists make good traders? Well it seems they can do with Savilian. He happily shares some of his trading style and skills on Twitter but unlike many furu's on there he shows a screen snip of his FP Markets trading account at the end of each day showing net P&L for the day. We know what you are thinking!!!! He skips any losing days and only post winners. ... Well you are wrong. He posts his P&L every day without question. He has been trading since September 2018.

Another way to tell the guy is fair dinkum is he doesn't link to some "trading course" that he is trying to flog or anything. He just gets in there everyday makes his trades, journals his trades and studies his losses just as much as his wins. It won't be long till he is trading as large as Nick Fabrio.

Savilian starts each month with a $20,000 trading account balance and resets that at the end of each month to remove all profits from his trading account. Similar to what Nick Fabrio does but he uses a $100,000 trading balance. Savilian creates his "stocks in play" lists each day from news catalysts by using the asx news feed in spark mostly. He uses spark to watch the depth and trade activity and has FP markets iress trader tickets open ready to hit the buy or sell button when ready.

His trade sizes are an average position in terms of units that sub $2 stocks are an average 25,000 units and for stocks over $2 average trade size he uses is 15,000 units. So there is a bit of CFD leverage used. But he always keeps his losses in check and never lets them get out of hand.

Savilian records his trades and displays them on Twitter using Someka trading journals to records his trades. This provides a great review guide to see how you are tracking.

Sav's trading rules are simple yet very effective for his style of trading. They are:

  1. Trade the match only
  2. No more than 5 trades a day
  3. No more than 2 tick loss on each trade

Like almost all professional traders in Australia Savilian trades using:

Iguana spark

FP markets

You can watch Sav's story here about his trading on this podcast.

More information on sav's day trading is in this video too.

You can follow Savilian on Twitter @ Savilianraps

Watch Savilian get interviewed on this podcast by Damon Fabri on Chat With Degens Ep 16.

If you are looking to follow some more good Aussie traders then have a look at Nick Fabrio and Bryce Edwards.

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