Eunice Wong

Eunice Wong
Long Business Description

Eunice is Assad Tannous's girlfriend and it seems she has been getting into share trading with help from her boyfriend. A lot of Eunice Wong's posts on Twitter are of very similar style of trading too Assad's. He might be a good teacher as he definitely has some trading ability. Lately they have both come under fire for some different reasons though. They have been getting paid to "promote" stocks.

That's right, companies pay them to get you to buy stock in the companies. It can be up to 12% commission. You want to know how you can get a part of this right?

Eunice has been using her Instagram to promote stocks too as she has a big following on there and is "insta-famous". The Australian Financial Review has an article in which Eunice Wong has been featured. The article discusses the legalities and ethics of promoting stock to social media followers on Instagram and Twitter.

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